CJ Multimedia

Story telling

Thriving: Calgary Homelessness and the DI

Produced by: Ammad Tahir and Nick Brizuela

Runtime: 6:33

Skeleton: Push the Limit

Produced by: Max Shilleto, Dan Mackenzie, AJ Mike Smith, Ester Horvath

Runtime: 8:58

The Benefits of Bikram Yoga: The Original Hot Yoga

Produced by: Allison Voisin

Runtime: 5:57

Calgary Transit

Produced by: Alexandra Rabbitte, Linsday Tenaski, Kaity Brown, Brittany Fong

Runtime: 7:32

Back to our Roots: The Return to Eating Local Food

Produced by: Caitlin Clow, Victoria Pizarro, Jocelyn Doll

Runtime: 5:00

Blurring the Line: Body Art

Produced by: Ashley Materi and Justin Wilson

Runtime: 5:43


Produced by: Zoe Choy, Evan Manconi, Colin McHattie, Jonah Petruic

Runtime: 6:27

Guide Dogs

Produced by: Veronica Pocza and Neil Hilts

Runtime: 5:24

Market Collective

Produced by: Garrett Harvey, David Leduc, Chelsea Hunter, Tayari Skei

Runtime: 6:12


Produced by: Megan Bilton, Jill Battison, Sarah Comber, Cameron Perrier

Runtime: 6:09

Confronting the Realities of Youth Violence

Produced by: Jordan Kroschinsky, Laren Pritchard, Haley Anderson, Brent Dufault

Runtime: 4:28

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Produced by: Travis Borstmayer, Brandon McNeil, Geoffrey Crane, Ryan Rumbolt

Runtime: 5:59

Changing the face of Graffiti

Produced by: Albina Khouzina, Lucas Silva, Tera Swanson

Runtime: 4:23

Jason Leo Bantle: Wildlife Photographer

Produced by: Kassidy Christensen, Kelsey Simpson, Hannah Cawsey

Runtime: 5:13

Bobsleigh Canada

Produced by: Allison Drinnan, Olivia Grecu, Matt Laurin, Ian Esplen

Runtime: 8:17

More than your stereotypes

Produced by: Keegan Olson, Olivia Condon, Kyle Pura

Runtime: 5:57